Where conservation visual storytellers find creativity, community & support for their wildest work.

Wild Idea Lab

If you are a photographer or filmmaker 
working in conservation and science communication, you're in the right place.


Find new levels of creativity, efficiency and efficacy as a conservation visual storyteller, in a community built especially for you.


  • No more wondering if you’re working on the right things in your stories or projects.

  • No more wasting time searching through vague almost-answers to your specific problems.

  • No more wondering how to grow your side-hustle into a business, or how to streamline systems as a pro to boost your income.

  • And no more feeling alone as you navigate through the world of being a creative working in conservation. 

If you’re a photographer or filmmaker with a passion for conservation and science communication, and you're looking to level up on your skills and gain a bigger reach for your work...

....all while staying sane navigating all the moving parts of being a creative...

...then you likely already know that a community of peers who fully understand the challenges of this work is essential to staying motivated and keeping creativity and opportunities rolling forward. 

You also already know that you need a collection of educational resources built specifically for you and your unique work as a creative working in conservation... 

...resources that walk you through everything from smart storytelling strategies to systems for juggling projects to setting up and streamlining up your business. 


   Here’s what you might not know  


Even if you’ve been a visual storyteller for awhile, having one single place you can go to find ideas, answers, training and community can:


  • Dramatically speed up your progress on projects by easily finding opportunities, or troubleshooting quickly through problems with peers.

  • Save you hours of time and headache looking for answers to complex questions specific to the niche of conservation visual storytelling, from ethics to business. 

  • Build up your skills in all areas of your work, from creative storytelling to technical skills to business savvy. 

  • Open up surprising new paths for your work through connections with peers and collaborators across disciplines and creative mediums, and spark fresh ideas you’d never come up with working solo.

The very nature of our conservation storytelling work means we often find ourselves working alone, or in creatively isolating situations. 

It's all too easy to feel unsure of the next best step in a story, a project, or in your business as a professional. 

Worst of all, it's easy to run low on creativity, compassion, optimism or patience.

Whether part time, full time, amateur, pro, if you're on your first project or on your fiftieth assignment, you need an all-in-one resource that works toward your success.


  • Get training on topics specific to our unique work as photographers and filmmakers, from how to run a business as a creative, to how to master storytelling skills to get the results you want for your conservation goals. 

  • Find support from peers and pros as you dive into new stories, navigate through projects, build buzz around your finished work, or launch conservation campaigns. 

  • Discover strategies for financial success in this field, from fundraising to finding clients, from budgeting to billing. 

  • Enjoy a place to bounce your ideas off of other creatives as you wrestle with a big project - people who speak the same creative language, yet have varied backgrounds and unique insights.

  • Get the answers to the highly specific questions you come across in your work - answers you just simply can't google.

If you’re ready to finally make massive progress on your journey as a conservation visual storyteller...

...while avoiding confusion about the next right steps to take in your work to make the biggest impact...

...and avoiding all the worry about how to do ALL THE THINGS that you have to do to make ends meet...

Wild Idea Lab is how we get you there!

Wild Idea Lab brings together conservation creatives from around the world, with wildly diverse backgrounds in experience, skill sets, ways of approaching stories and advocacy, and unique connections to all aspects of the conservation world.


This is where we help one another make big, positive impacts through visual storytelling, and where you get the training and support you need to 




Wild Idea Lab is a membership community designed specifically for emerging and established photographers and filmmakers working in conservation and science communication. 

You’ll find resources unique to the needs of conservation visual storytellers so that you can rapidly hit new levels of success in your work.

  It's everything you need  

  in one easy-to-navigate platform  

  What Members Say  

Wild Idea Lab has broken things wide open for me. I was uncertain about biting the bullet and spending the money to join, but I made the plunge and found this wonderful tribe of like-minded people who are passionate about wildlife, who want to tell stories of conservation, and who understand how storytelling can inspire and motivate people and communities. I’m gaining so many tools to figure out this business. Whether I become a true professional at it or continue as a semi-pro doesn't matter, because I’m gaining a lot and assembling a toolkit that gives me a tremendous amount of confidence. I’ve absolutely gotten my value back from my investment in the membership. Being part of Wild Idea Lab is a thrill.

- Christine Paige, science writer and amateur photographer

Wild Idea Lab is a God-send for me. I've been photographing wildlife since 2012 and I quickly transitioned into a Wildlife Conservation Photojournalist, covering many different stories, but what I've been missing is exactly how to turn my passion into a business. Even in photography colleges where they teach you how to both expand and focus your creative horizons, they amazingly don't teach you how to run a business, which is essential to all working artists. WIL has bridged that gap for me. The highly-detailed "Masterclass" series alone has elevated my entire game, leading me to getting paid immediately and more often. And more than classes, it's an open, friendly online environment where a membership also becomes a ticket to unprecedented shared information between experts and amateurs alike. Friendships and business relationships are easily formed through a flawless networking platform and have already led me to multiple partnerships for exciting projects. I couldn't be happier about how WIL has advanced my career as an artist, storyteller, and businessman. WIL is a miraculous stroke of genius from its creator Jaymi Heimbuch. 

- Josh Asel, professional wildlife conservation photographer

One of the many challenges of being a conservation photographer and storyteller is running your creative business at the same time. I recently got my email newsletter off the ground after taking Wild Idea Lab’s Masterclass titled “Create A Powerful Email List”. I had been talking with a friend for a while about the idea, then I saw that Wild Idea Lab rolled out a Masterclass teaching this very topic. Since finishing my list, I’ve seen an increase in my website traffic, email sign-ups, personal replies, and social media engagement. I’m looking forward to taking more of Wild Idea Lab’s Masterclasses in the future! Wild Idea Lab does a great job of breaking down topics into achievable chunks and being very responsive to the community members. In Wild Idea Lab, there’s a great network of supportive members, as well as a plethora of critical thinking topics being discussed at any given moment. Being a member of the Wild Idea Lab has been a wonderful way for me to connect with the broader conservation community. I’ve learned a lot from the entire community so far, and have enjoyed the camaraderie of the monthly social video calls.

- Matthew Cicanese, professional conservation visual storyteller, National Geographic Explorer

Asking questions on Wild Idea Lab is the reason I managed to get my online print store up and running. I tried to launch my store a year and a half ago and got completely flustered by everything I had to do to get that kind of thing launched, so I just gave up. When I joined Wild Idea Lab, I figured it was a good place to start asking these questions because a lot of members have stores and knew how it worked. Having a place to ask questions and being guaranteed to get answers is so much better than googling and hoping you find the right information. What makes Wild Idea Lab so powerful is the connections you make with people. It can be easy to feel isolated, but with Wild Idea Lab it's easier to connect with a community that wants to help you succeed. Even though I'm not focused on becoming a full time photographer yet, being in a community of people I can talk and network with and being surrounded by their work...there’s no other opportunity out there like Wild Idea Lab. 

- Sara Stein, semi-professional conservation photographer

I love nature and photography, but I really wanted to do more with that passion to advance nature conservancy. Before Wild Idea Lab, I had no idea how to do that. The Lab has given me something to really focus on, and to guide me as I develop into a conservation creative. I’m not as focused on using these skills to publish my work or get an assignment as much as I am using my skills to promote conservancy. I’m incredibly impressed with the amount of content that Wild Idea Lab provides. For instance, the masterclass that teaches us how to do a calendar fundraiser as a tool to support and promote a conservation organization is perfect. Now I’m doing that with one of the organizations I’m working with. And I’m helping another organization with building a website, branding promotion, launching an email list... All things I wouldn’t have thought about before Wild Idea Lab. 

- Dan Kossman, amateur conservation photographer


Wild Idea Lab is where we come together from across the world and across disciplines to help one another make big, positive impacts through the power of visual storytelling.

No matter where you are in your journey as a conservation visual storyteller, you're in the right place to rapidly hit new levels of success in your work.


  Here's what you get as a member  



Find comfort in community on a platform designed specifically for emerging and established conservation visual storytellers. 

Post your questions and answer those from others, run polls, create articles, get feedback on portfolios, make new friends and so much more. 



Continuously learn how to grow your skills and strategies in photography with masterclasses on key topics from creative skills to business skills, all lead by skilled instructors. 

The four focus areas for masterclasses are: 

  1. Create: Find and build conservation stories and projects, and craft the visuals that tell the stories in unique, compelling, and meaningful ways.

  2. Release: Strategically get your work out into the world using methods that best suit your goals and audience, and expand your reach. 

  3. Impact: Maximize the effectiveness of your creative work by understanding and measuring impact, then attain your big-picture goals.

  4. Business:  Build solid structural and financial foundations for individual projects or your business so you can continue on your creative path.

Each year you receive 12 masterclasses - three in each of the four topics. 

Whether you are a  hobbyist  looking to help your local conservation organizations through images, a  side-hustler  focused on building up your portfolio and network, or a  full-time professional  earning your income from visual storytelling, you'll find the educational resources you need.


Ramp up your business or make major progress on projects through facilitated Mastermind groups that help you tackle big questions in a small group setting of peers and accountability partners. 



Enjoy the ease of networking among peers locally or across the world, to find inspiration, introductions, leads and collaboration possibilities. 

Create new connections that will help expand the reach and effectiveness of conservation visual storytelling efforts. 



Be in the moment in real time through our live events, which happen both online and in-person. 

We have regularly scheduled video hangouts and networking sessions, as well as live events featuring expert interviews, Q&A sessions and more!



Access our community from anywhere in the world on any device thanks to our mobile device app. 

Keep up with conversations, post questions or articles, attend live events and more all from your phone!


I believe in fully supporting the community, which is why a percentage of Wild Idea Lab membership revenue is reinvested back into members through annual grants and scholarships.



Wild Idea Lab's many resources are all part of your annual membership, offering far more return on investment than you can find elsewhere.  

The cost of a few of your membership benefits, if you bought them in individually, is: 

  • 12 Masterclasses: $1,100 or more per year
  • Mastermind Group: $2,500 every six months
  • Networking Events: $3,000 for 1-2 events per year

But you get all these benefits and far, far more included in your annual membership of just $399.99.

Plus the ability to apply for grants and scholarships, the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions with experts in a wide range of fields pertinent to your work, the fun of participating in member challenges with prizes, and so much more. 

  So, if you’re wondering if this is a wise  

  investment, the answer is a resounding YES.  

Wild Idea Lab is the ONLY platform of its kind where you can find the educational resources, live events, and community networking all in one place, and all designed specifically for the needs of conservation visual storytellers... and for a fraction of the investment.

Your Toolkit And Your Community

In the coming months we will see more and more need for conservation photographers and filmmakers. We need skilled people telling the stories of how species, habitats, researchers, nonprofits, conservation groups and so many others are impacted by COVID-19 and the social and economic fall-out from the pandemic. There is critical work to be done. 

For you to answer that call as a visual storyteller, you’ll need a strong community of peers to help you troubleshoot and navigate the ever-changing terrain of our new circumstances. 

And you'll need a robust collection of educational resources to build your skill sets as a visual storyteller. 

Wild Idea Lab has all of this
ready and waiting for you.

Now is not the time to let anxiety rule your decision-making or shut down your creative productivity. Instead, it’s time to double down on determination. 

Because the fact is, you are needed. Your artistic and storytelling skills are more essential than ever as people turn to visual storytellers to understand what is going on around the world. 

Whether focusing on local issues, or soon returning to international work, photographers and filmmakers have countless stories to document, conservation efforts to assist, and new goals to set as the world rethinks our relationship with nature.


  What wise members have asked  

  before joining:  


I have such a busy schedule. How much time does this require of me?

Wild Idea Lab is here for you on your terms. How much time you invest in it is totally up to you. The monthly content and events are structured to be helpful, not overwhelming. When monthly masterclasses are rolled out, they’re there for good. You can participate at any time that fits into your schedule. When we have bonus live events that pop onto the calendar unexpectedly, they’re recorded so that even if you can’t attend, you can watch the session when it’s convenient. And weekly emails ensure you’re seeing the best of what’s happening and never miss a beat. 

Is this right for me if I’m not a full-time pro?

If you are serious about putting your visual storytelling talents toward conservation and science communication, then YES! This is a fit for you. Our members are of all experience levels, and many are pursuing this as a hobby or a side-hustle. It doesn’t matter if you never even plan to go pro. Wild Idea Lab is all about building up creative skills, boosting your reach and impact, and helping you make a big difference in conservation. And, if you want to learn how to make some money at it, well that’s built into the resources too! 

Is this right for me if I’m a highly experienced full-time pro?

Oh my goodness, yes! Wild Idea Lab’s resources include high level conversation about creative strategy, marketing your projects, systems to streamline your business and boost income, and networking with people who can help move your career forward - whether that’s through conversations with editors, or collaborating with other members, or however it might play out. We don’t shy away from the tough topics. Indeed, we’re all about making conservation visual storytelling a viable, sustainable, and respected full-time profession. Our members who are established long-time professionals have found immense value and ways to grow their existing businesses. 

Who exactly is behind Wild Idea Lab?

Why, I’m honored you ask! I’m Jaymi Heimbuch, a full-time professional wildlife conservation photographer, instructor and coach. I made a dream come true when I launched my conservation photography workshops that teach talented photographers how to create a story from start to pitch. The response was HUGE. My first workshop sold out in just six hours! After running several of them and seeing the amazing energy and success of students, I knew it was time to do more. I wanted to ensure that the learning, the implementation, the momentum doesn’t end when someone goes home after a workshop. And it doesn’t rely on  even attending a workshop in the first place. 

There are so many people out there like you who need resources, tools, community to do BIG things with their work. And thus, Wild Idea Lab was born. It is an all-inclusive community where all of us working on conservation visual storytelling come together and connect. We leave status at the door and focus on sharing our experiences and stories to learn from one another. We are a hub for education and networking so we can grow both as individuals and as a powerful group of conservation advocates.

I may be a wildlife conservation photographer, but I am also obsessed with planning and organizational strategies, marketing and business systems. I put all that to work for you inside of Wild Idea Lab. I love helping conservation creatives like you move forward as movers and shakers making this planet a healthier place for us all to live. 

Who teaches the masterclasses? 

Experts! Wild Idea Lab masterclasses are always rich, in-depth content and that means pulling in instructors who are experts on that topic. We have everyone from award-winning filmmakers to lawyers, to sound technicians, to digital anthropologists (it’s a thing!) teaching masterclasses so that you get the best of the best in educational content.  

I’m very careful about my budget. Is this worth the investment? 

You are worth it. 

That’s a fact. 

Investing in yourself is the number one smartest thing you can do as a creative with big dreams. And investing a relatively small amount to accelerate your skills, connections and momentum as a visual storyteller is one of the most brilliant investments you can make. 

In terms of value, the masterclasses, the mastermind groups, and the live events easily add up to an expense of $6,600 or more during the course of a year if you were to buy these a la carte. But you get access to all of it for an annual membership of just $399.99. If you’re still waffling, I encourage you to read the testimonials from Wild Idea Lab members, who have all seen a financial return on their investment. 

This seems like such a great deal! Will my membership price change next year?

Such a smart question, and the answer is a resounding "no". I abide by a Price Predictability Promise: When you subscribe to Wild Idea Lab, your membership subscription rate is locked in. As long as you remain a member in good standing of Wild Idea Lab, the annual membership subscription rate at which you signed up will be the same year after year, regardless of any future price increases.  

I'm confident that you'll love being part of Wild Idea Labs so much that once you join, you'll never want to leave. And I do my best to make sure your experience of this amazing community is nothing but stellar. Your annual membership supports both you and your peers - from allowing us to provide focused community facilitation and regular masterclasses lead by top instructors, to reinvesting a portion of all proceeds back into the community through grants and scholarships. If you do indeed choose to end your membership with Wild Idea Lab, please be aware that we do not offer refunds for cancelled memberships, and if you rejoin at a later date, you'll need to join at that future subscription rate. But again, I have no doubt in my mind that you’re going to see right away that your membership is worth way more than the subscription price!

Ok, I'm totally ready! Can you remind me of what all I get when I join? 

I’m so glad you asked! When you join you’ll get immediate access to Wild Idea Lab. That includes getting settled into the community and saying howdy, browsing through all past masterclasses and event recordings, and applying to the upcoming mastermind group if you’d like to be part of it. You’ll also see the schedule for our live events, future masterclass releases and loads more so you can add these goodies to your calendar. I provide you with a guided welcome tour and a path for getting started that will make joining the community a breeze!


This robust platform and rich set of resources is for people who are serious about making an impact with their creative talents, and who genuinely recognize the value of being part of a community of diverse, inspiring people.


  Wild Idea Lab is perfect for you if...  


1. You have felt isolated or disconnected from a larger community of people in this field, and you want to build real, long-lasting relationships with peers and colleagues 

2. You've been working in this realm for awhile but want to gain way more traction in getting your work out into the world

3. You are new to the world of conservation visual storytelling and want to start off on the right path with people who can steer you in the right direction

4. You know that building structure around your creative energy is tough for you, and having a platform that keeps you on track will get you the results you’ve been wanting 

5. You love constantly learning, and being held accountable for implementing what you learn so that you hit the big goals you’re dreaming about

6. You don’t like wasting time frustratedly searching for answers, and recognize the value of being able to ask questions of an in-the-know community of people for speeding things up

7. You are ready and excited to do bigger things with your skills and talents, and are eager to turn the dial up on your impact and your income

8. You are done dabbling in conservation visual storytelling. You are ready to get into action in a big way, and know that having motivation from peers and tools to guide you is how you’ll gain clarity, focus, and momentum. 


If you said “yes” to more than four of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Wild Idea Lab!


Fine Print


Because Wild Idea Lab is hosted on Mighty Networks, our members agree to follow Mighty Network terms of use and privacy policiesPlease review and be aware of the contents of these policies. 

We also have our own member guidelines and policies listed under the Navigating Wild Idea Lab topic inside the community. These outline expectations of behavior as a member of the community (you know, the basic stuff like being a nice person, maintaining privacy of fellow lab members, that sort of thing). You'll be able to review these upon becoming a member. 

Our Price Predictability Promise: When you subscribe to Wild Idea Lab, your membership subscription rate is locked in. As long as you remain a member in good standing of Wild Idea Lab, the annual membership subscription rate at which you signed up will be the same year after year, regardless of any future price increases.  

We hope that you'll love being part of Wild Idea Labs so much that once you join, you'll never want to leave. And we do our best to make sure your experience of this amazing community is nothing but stellar. Your membership supports both you and your peers - from allowing us to provide focused community facilitation and regular masterclasses lead by top instructors, to reinvesting a portion of all proceeds back into the community through grants and scholarships. 

However, if you do indeed choose to end your membership with Wild Idea Labs, please be aware that we do not offer refunds for cancelled memberships. 

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